Treating Loose Teeth with Fibre Splints

At Milton Keynes Dental Care we have a very experienced Team of clinicians including Dental Specialists.

99% of the success of all gum treatments is plaque control. This usually takes the form of reinforcing good Oral Hygiene and showing the patient how to spot problems.

Most treatment for Periodontal disease involves cleaning the root surfaces and then creating a surface that the patient can easily maintain.

Our Hygienists are very experienced and between them have over 30 years of clinical experience. They use the very latest equipment and materials and their success rates are very good.

Almost always the treatment of periodontal disease does not involve any surgery.

The number and complexity of the visits will depend on the extent of the Periodontal Disease.

In the more complex cases

we will discuss all the options for each patient and will give a written treatment plan and leaflets etc.

We offer our patient's:

Laser Gum Therapy

Root Debridement/planning

Bonded Fibre Splints

Periodontal Surgery Options

A Great Result

The case below was where the loose tooth had come out completely.

The treatment was completed in a few minutes and did not involve any injections.

In some cases the splinting can be a stop gap until a more permanent solution is available eg implants or bridgework

Another Great Result

In the case above the teeth were mobile and moving. This was causing discomfort and pain and making it difficult to eat.

The treatment was carried out without an injection and involved etching with acid (the blue liquid), application of the Fibre and Bond and then polishing.

The result was comfortable result which looked very natural. It allowed the patient to eat normally without any pain or discomfort. BUT no nuts!!

The result was easy to maintain, but did require regular Dental Hygienist visits and very good Personal Dental Hygiene.

The alternative would have been extraction and denture/Implants/Bridgework. All of these would have been very expensive and would have involved extractions etc

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Watch a Fibre Splint being fitted to stabilize loose teeth