Cosmetic Treatments
by Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist

Hygienist treatment should be mainly about health but we know that looking good is just as important.

So at Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice we make an extra effort to make sure our patients are happy with the appearance of their teeth.

The Hygienists and Dentists work together to achieve the best results.

A spring clean and removal of the staining in a case like this would usually be £75.00. But we ALWAYS give you a quote before treatment begins.

Removing Stains from Teeth

There are many ways depending on the cause.

Sodium Bicarbonate Jet Washes and Air Flow Cleaning

Your teeth will be cleaned gently with a specially developed device. A spray of air, sodium bicarbonate and a water jet meet to quickly and painlessly remove bacteria, plaque and soft deposits from interproximal spaces and smooth surfaces of the teeth.

The Jet wash Method removes stains but will not whiten your teeth in the same way as Tooth Bleaching.

Ingredients are dispensed at a comfortable temperature and have a nice taste. The Jet wash method is much faster, more thorough than toothpastes and non-abrasive as we clean the teeth without any contact with their surface.

Sodium crystals at a high speed meet the surface to remove plaque.

A water jet washes off all cleaned deposits and corrects the temperature of the teeth.

So it is possible to remove all the plaque you would have to clean at home for several weeks.

A spring clean and removal of the staining in a case like this would usually be £45.00. But we ALWAYS give you a quote before treatment begins.

Removing Stains/defects from Teeth With Icon Treatments

We are seeing an increasing number of patients with stains on teeth caused by medication, orthodontic braces and early decay. Often they are unsightly.

Icon Treatments in 3!!

No Drilling
No Injections
Quick and easy

Suitable for:

Post Orthodontic Treatment Stains
Developmental Enamel Defects
Early Non Cavitated Lesions

How is Icon Treatments done?

Tooth Whitening

We have been doing Tooth Whitening for almost 20 years and we have seen all the fads over the last few years.

Experience tells us that Power Whitening (with lights and Lasers) gives a quick Whitening effect however the effect only lasts a short period and most of the improvement disappears after about 2 weeks.

On the other hand the tray systems take a long time but the results are better and last far longer.

We also advise patients before they start the treatment to use a special Toothpaste that is high in Fluoride

The reason we do this is that there is less sensitivity and the final result is achieved much more quickly and result is much longer lasting.

Patiens should understand that Tooth Whitening does not work for every patient and

We offer no Warranty or Guarantee of an improvement.

Tooth Whitening Special Offer

Home Whitening (Trays)
Normally £275
Special offer Price £225

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